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Social Media Freedoms in Potential Jeopardy

by adamculligan 5. July 2011 09:48

Well it was only a matter of time before companies and brands alike started to find ways to limit what you can say on your various social media accounts.  The latest is companies looking at monitoring and editing what you say on your LinkedIn profile so they can be sure you are properly representing them as a company.  But doesn’t that go against exactly what you are trying do in your private space?  Suppose you are looking for a new job, and like everyone is suggesting, you’re using the networks you’ve built on LinkedIn.  Based on some initiatives in the US, it looks like companies will be able to monitor, capture, edit or even block how or even what gets said.

Obviously here at unigrad where we see the value in privacy of communication and encourage the use of social media to build your personal brand as well as your network, this can be a little scary.  That said, one of our biggest internal platforms is that of employer branding and as such, we have to understand the position of companies that are trying to own all facets of their brand and its communication.  Basically, this is opening up a real trail for discusson and we would love to hear what you think.  Read the following article and come back to share your comments below.

Think You Own Your LinkedIn Profile? Better think again

Thanks for taking part and for sharing your thoughts.

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