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No graduate job offer? Now what?

by cadams 27. June 2012 10:12


So you have missed out on a graduate position?

All seems lost?

But wait...there is hope.

In reference to my last blog, around 8000 graduates start in their first job each year. When you consider that: • The average number of graduate job applications per company in 2011 was 800*, and • The median number of applications per vacancy was 30* (*courtesy 2012 AAGE Annual Employer Survey)

That leaves many students who are unsuccessful in the main recruitment process cycle each year. Every university student who applies for a job experiences anything from an immediate unsuccessful response at time of application, through to making it to the final stage assessment centre or interview. This is be frustrating and sometimes just plain unfair.

We all know how competitive the process is, but the reality is that a lot more people miss out than actually secure a position. I can hear what you are asking “So, now what?” There are a number of things you can do if you are still job hunting for a graduate role to start in 2013.

The hot tips:

1. Keep an eye on specific graduate advertising websites – they will usually either advertise or email you with what companies still have applications open

2. Some companies do have rolling recruitment cycles – that is, they don’t close off in April, they continue to recruit throughout the year. Find out who they are and apply!

3. Consider vacation or internship programs for 2012/2013 – these will be advertised from July onwards and recruited for the summer. The benefit of doing these programs is that you will at least have opportunity to align yourself to an organisation, gain experience and hopefully get considered for graduate roles later on.

4. Contact the organisations who you may have got close to an offer with. Let them know that you are still available and would really like the opportunity should anything change with their requirements....You never know....

Once you have considered these things, it is worth reflecting on where you may have fallen short with your application through the entire process. Do some critical self-reflection. Was it the quality of my application form? Was it the psychometric testing? Was it my individual or group activities in

Assessment Centre or maybe my behavioural interview? I think it is very important to analyse where you sense the gaps were and work on them. Talk to friends who may have secured a role and see what tips they would offer. Get some coaching help if you need it.

Most of all, stay positive and remember, if you haven’t secured a position for 2013, you are not alone...

Rohan Holland


For coaching in graduate recruitment process and study to job transition – learn from the experts. www.readygrad.com.au

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