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An Inside Look At The Vacationer Program At EY

by anastasia 30. July 2013 11:36

What makes the EY Vacationer Program unique?

  • Our Vacationer Program provides real client work, skills development, training and professional experiences where you’ll learn about EY and apply your knowledge and skills to real client projects. You’ll be surrounded by people who trust and respect you, people who’ll open the door to experiences you'll draw on for the rest of your career. That’s why we want you to be yourself and create your future with EY.
  • As a vacationer you’ll have the opportunity to apply to attend our International Intern Leadership Conference where you’ll join almost 2,000 interns from around the world in a three-day leadership event.

What key skill and development opportunities can I expect to achieve by completing an internship/vac program at EY?

  • We have a range of student programs (Career Compass, Cadet and Vacationer Program) whether you’re at school, an undergraduate or post graduate. The Vacationer Program will put you ahead of your peers and you could be invited to join us after graduation. You’ll get a variety of different experiences and opportunities assisting with real client work, attending client meetings and having the opportunity to meet some of the most dynamic business minds in the market. At the end of your vacationer experience with EY you’ll leave with project management, presentation, communication, interpersonal and business skills while being mentored by like-minded professionals and gaining networking opportunities that will last a lifetime.

Are you more likely to recruit students who have previously completed internships or vac programs at your organisation for graduate positions?

  • Many of our vacationers are offered full-time positions with EY when they complete their Vacationer Program. This means you can complete your final year of university knowing that you have secured yourself a graduate position for the following year.

How is the internship/vac program structured and what kind of support can I expect throughout the process?

  • You bring your talent, enthusiasm and ideas; we support you with the right mix of learning, experiences and coaching. You’ll have a counsellor from day one to provide regular feedback and guidance professionally and personally and a buddy to help you settle into EY. EYU (Ernst & Young and You) is our career development framework to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop your career. With the right people behind you, you can create the future you want.

How long is a typical internship: both in terms of hours per week, and length in weeks/months?

  • Our Vacationer Program varies from 2-8 weeks depending on the office you want to work in with some states offering summer and winter Vacationer Programs. We would encourage you to visit our website www.ey.com/au/careers for further details on our programs and dates.

What can I expect to be paid as an intern/vac student?

  • As a vacationer you’ll be paid a competitive salary.

Is there a typical ‘day’ or schedule I can expect? What kinds of tasks will I be performing on a day to day basis? 

  • Every day you’ll be exposed to different experiences and opportunities, you might be working at a client site, in the office, being part of the workplace of the future or attending a client meeting. Even though it’s only for a short period of time, you’ll be amazed at the amount of exposure you’ll get with different experiences on clients and industries and the opportunities you’ll receive to be contributing to real businesses.

Is the application process extremely competitive? How many applications do you typically receive and how many positions are available? Do you have a grade requirement?

  • We receive a high number of applications for our Vacationer Program so it’s important that you put your best foot forward and show us who you are as an individual. The number of positions available vary in each location. We’re looking for students that demonstrate leadership, teamwork, communication and relationship management skills. Academic grades are only one part of your application, so share with us your extracurricular activities and work experience along with your enthusiasm and energy. We want you to show us who you are as an individual and you’ll find that at EY we all bring different experiences and skills so it’s important be yourself.

Do I need to be studying a ‘relevant’ degree or will you consider me if I’m fabulous, regardless of which degree I’m in?

  • As a global professional services organisation we recruit students from a wide range of degree backgrounds - not just accounting or commerce. We recruit vacationers from Law, Information Systems/Information Technology and Engineering to name a few. To learn more about where your degree can take you, please refer to our website for further information: www.ey.com/au/careers

Given the fact that I’m a student and might not have a great deal of relevant work experience, what exactly are you looking for in an applicant and how can I set myself apart?

  • Our key piece of advice is to be yourself and show us how you are different from your peers. We’d encourage you to share your experiences, skills and opportunities you’ve had with us whether it’s at school, university, work place or extracurricular activities – make sure you share and tell us!

Applications close:

  • Brisbane, Melbourne - 14 August
  • Sydney - 16 August
  • Perth - 28 August
  • Adelaide, Canberra - 30 August

Check out the website for more information and how to apply at www.ey.com/AU/en/Careers/Students/Joining-EY/Students---Joining-EY#fragment-1-na

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