Computer Repairs – Quality Service With a Quickest Turnaround Time

The Original PC Doctor is happy to offer computer repairs Melbourne. We provide a wide range of services for personal computers and laptops. We can replace any type of computer – from desktop or laptop. Many have many happy Melbourne clients who call us every time they encounter problems with their favourite technology and have many satisfied colleagues that refer their friends and family to us.

Our laptop services are some of the best in the country. Our experienced technicians are always on hand to help out your laptop or desktop and our staff use an intuitive strategy to resolve any problems that you may face. We make computer repairs Melbourne available to all. Whether you are having a problem with a desktop or laptop, our staff are available to help – whether it be during office hours or after business hours.

Using our intuitive strategy we are able to help people who have laptops but no access to a computer lab. There are several advantages to working with a computer repair service that provides mobile computing solutions. The technicians know all the ins and outs of the laptops and work on intuitive strategies to help people solve their problems. In addition, mobile computing solutions allow technicians to serve clients in a more personal way, such as through phone, email or even video conferencing.

Most of our technicians are trained in computer repairs in the Australian Institute of Technology (OHS). This ensures that our technicians are skilled in computer repairs within the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (DEIME) approved guidelines. The DEIME guidelines are based on the Australian Government’s Electrical Safety Standards for Electrical Installations.

Some of our computer repairs Melbourne technicians will also be trained to handle the complex Windows operating systems. Our techs will also be trained in information technology (IT) and in deploying unified communications infrastructure (UCI). This means that they will be prepared to answer questions about the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft Office products, enterprise security and web hosting packages and browser type support programs. In addition, they can refer you to an appropriate staff if you have questions about your particular operating system or browser.

If you need assistance with hardware, such as computers, laptops or printers we provide on-site computer repairs Melbourne services for businesses. To ensure our customers receive fast, quality service and a professional level of customer service, we have a standard operating procedure and response time set in place. All technicians are fully trained on computer repairs and use state-of-the-art equipment. All computer repairs are performed by our team of highly trained technicians who have an average of three years of experience between them.

In addition, the technicians are committed to providing the best technical support to all of our clients. We have an intuitive strategy that allows our customers to access one-stop shopping for laptop repairs, both on-site and offsite. Because of this, most of our customers can expect to receive fast, reliable service with friendly, efficient service. In short, our technicians are always ready to help!

Computer Repairs Melbourne is based in Victoria, Australia. The City of Melbourne is located in Melbourne Australia. At our place of business you will find that we are only minutes from all of the major Australian airports, including the WestLAN airport and the Melbourne International Airport. We also are just minutes from the Phillip Island airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the country. If you are not in the inner city, or out of the country, we have an Internet presence that will provide you with computer repair anywhere in the world. So, whenever you need computer repairs Melbourne service, whether it’s at home, at work or during vacation, we’ll be there!

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