How to Choose a Legal Translation Company in Dubai?

Legal Translation is a field that requires a continuous effort to maintain the accuracy of the documents while conveying the message effectively. There are several firms that offer their services in Dubai, where legal document translation has become a major business. It is true that the legal field has gained importance due to the growth in the emirate’s economy, but this has not stopped people from seeking help from translation agencies in translating legal documents. Even the government of the United Arab Emirates has taken note of this need for translation services and has appointed many companies for providing translation services in the country. Some legal professionals in Dubai concur with this view, and they state that the rapid growth of the industry in the United Arab Emirates might soon witness a situation when demand for translation of documents from English to Arabic will exceed the number of documents prepared in the language.

For companies or individuals looking for legal translation services in Dubai, there are certain important factors that need to be taken into account. First, you should ensure that the firm you choose provides certified services. The certification ensures that the translators used are knowledgeable and experienced with the requirements related to translations of legal documents. You should also verify the authenticity of the company by checking with the State Department of Translations and Documentation or the UAE Government Office of Translations and Documentation. Another important factor to consider is the payment required for the service. Most certified legal translation services in Dubai charge a fee of between twenty five thousand and thirty eight thousand Dubai rafils per hour.

The next step to take when looking for an appropriate legal translation service in Dubai is to verify the experience and expertise of the company. A legal translation company that offers translators who have expertise in the areas related to your requirement will be of more benefit to you. The company should also have a competent team of skilled translators available at its disposal. You should also look out for translators who work on a contractual basis, as this increases the chances of errors being committed.

The legal translation service in Dubai that you select should have a customer service record that is well regarded. This means that you should be able to get an immediate response to queries made by you or any other client. The company should have a well developed website that details all the services it offers along with the contact information. A customer friendly website is another indicator that the company will be able to serve you with precision and expediency.

The company you select should also have qualified staff members who are fluent in the languages in which the legal documents are prepared. Translating legal documents from one language to another requires an understanding of both languages. Only then will it be possible for them to translate legal documents accurately. The company should ensure that all its translators are thoroughly trained in the use of the English and the Arabic languages.

Finally, you should know that the legal translation Dubai project managers are highly skilled professionals. They are completely aware of the nuances in the legal systems of both Dubai and the United Arab Emirates and are able to translate difficult legal documents in both of these languages with great ease. So if you require translations of contracts, specifications, memoranda, official publications and other such documents, rest assured that only the best translators in the business are working on your case.