What Is Executive Coaching And How It Works

Executive Coaching is a question-based, action-oriented approach to individual and corporate development that aims at developing awareness, creating action, and enabling growth and learning. It focuses on enhancing performance through the support of individuals to change and sustain new attitudes, behaviors and skills. The process has been described as a model of action planning, with clients in charge of finding their own goals and objectives and working towards them. Executive Coaching was first introduced in the early sixties by Milton Keynes, who based his idea on the “third man theory”, the idea that the customer does not know what he wants, but rather only what he can do. His Executive Coaching focuses on empowering the client by showing him that he has the power to get what he wants.

Milton Keynes is not the only pioneer in this field. There are many other executive coaching pioneers including; Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Roger Martin, Jack Collins, Harry Palmer, John Reese and Tony Robbins. All these executive coaches have a common notion that a successful business person needs to be proactive in giving advice and taking responsibility for his or her own actions. However, given the number of competing demands, a lot of people are finding it difficult to find the time to give themselves time to focus on themselves. This is where Executive Coaching comes in.

An executive coaching process consists of five main stages: Development goals, assessment of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, providing guidance and motivation, and implementing change. The first stage involves defining the development goals. These development goals comprise the initial objectives of the Executive Coach. They may be to achieve higher levels of productivity, enhance employee performance, increase staff satisfaction, reduce costs, or provide a balanced approach across the whole organization. As part of the executive coaching process, each of these objective is reviewed individually and then put into practice together.

In the next stage of the development goal setting, the coach provides support to employees to set realistic and achievable short and long-term goals and identify ways of attaining them. He or she also gives detailed feedback on the progress of each employee to ensure that he or she is meeting the target. The coach provides support to employees by identifying and creating a work model that incorporates personal goals, job performance, organizational objectives, personal growth and development, and communication skills. All employees are encouraged to review and challenge assumptions they have about how the job functions.

In the final stage of the process, a personalized leadership plan is created. This final step helps employees evaluate their leadership style and determine if it is compatible with the way the organization works. For those who have obtained executive coaching certification, their services are licensed by the International Association of Coaching and Support (IACS). Some of the services certified coaches provide include career counseling, individual and group development, career transition planning, leadership development, and workshops. Coaches may also provide workshops on management issues, strategic planning, effective communications, and conflict resolution.

These are just some of the benefits of executive coaching: enhanced job performance, increased productivity, enhanced morale, increased self-awareness, reduction of conflicts, enhancement in relationships, development of future goals, and a positive future outlook. Most executive coaches belong to professional organizations and have received extensive training in various aspects of coaching. Some of them are members of the IACS and the National Association for Coaches and Supervisors. However, there are also consultants who do not belong to professional organizations but offer sound coaching services. A good consultant will be able to provide customized service to clients, depending on the type of problem they are addressing.

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