Why use keywords in SEO

Online activity that is aimed towards increasing the rankings of websites on search engines is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Top search engine Google displays links to sites that it considers relevant and authoritative. Web pages have the potential to be ranked on Google as long as other websites form links with them.

Use of keywords

Different types of content are uploaded on to a website. This content mostly includes articles, blogs, press releases and their corresponding titles. Keywords are important words and phrases that can be used in the written content such that people can locate your website via search engines. It helps connect the potential visitor base with a website.   

One needs to know how people are searching for products and services being offered by oneself. It is important to help these people find one’s website, which can be achieved with the help of keywords. If necessary keywords for SEO are not available, then the user will go off to a different website through Google searches.

Developing the list of keywords is an important step in any SEO initiative. For a winning search engine marketing campaign, keywords and SEO are both important. Keywords form the foundation of different SEO efforts, and so it is necessary to ensure that they are relevant to the audience and organised for action.

Finding best keywords for SEO 

Keyword research is an ongoing part of website promotion. Many marketers commit the mistake of searching for keywords only once. Instead of the above, older keywords need to be reviewed periodically, to keep sync with market trends. Sometimes competitive keywords can be replaced by longer, specific words meant to attract not just any visitor but the right visitor. Right visitors are the ones who are actually looking to use your products and services.

Diversity is an important word in the online marketing industry. Your company will not be able to stand out if it makes use of the same keywords as competitors. It needs to come up with newer keywords by making use of the newest tools in this field.

Using free SEO keyword tools

There are many free SEO keyword tools available on the Internet today. It is possible to easily download these and use them for research. Try to search for the tools which are commonly being used by others. Some of the keyword sets are also very helpful for driving PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing campaigns.

Making SEO keywords produce results   

Keyword grouping and organisation is the method to organise the list of keywords picked from the research tool. The keywords can be divided into manageable groups that have related words. By division into groups, the overall workload to place keywords is greatly reduced, while being able to create targeted pages.

For example, if you have an online pet store, you may want to create one set of keywords for dog-related products, another for cat products and a third one for parakeet-related products. Further, each individual group would need to be divided into more sub groups (example: parakeet snacks, parakeet cages). Now the pet store website can have individual pages optimised for various keyword groups.

Here are the parts of a webpage for which keywords need to be used:

  • Keyword in the title
  • Keyword in site URL
  • Keyword and its variations in the page copy
  • Keyword in the meta tags, including meta descriptions
  • Keyword in image file paths and image alt text
  • Keyword to be used as anchor text in links back to the webpage from different parts of the site   

Always remember that in SEO, keyword relevance needs more attention than keyword density. Thank you for the team from SearchMG SEO for the insights into this article on keyword research and SEO.

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